Using telepresence solutions to support pupil attendance

Meet AV1 – The telepresence robot that acts as the child’s eyes, ears and voice in the classroom.


HOE was the lead school in the Alternative Provision Innovation Fund Project Using telepresence solutions to support pupil attendance which finished in August 2020. However, The Skylark Partnership has pledged to continue the investigation for at least another year due to the early termination as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

The investigation concerns how AV1 can help pupils with medical needs remain connected to their home schools, and access their mainstream lessons. This means that pupils will also be enabled to keep in touch with their friends, social isolation being a common side effect being absent from school due to the impact of their medical or mental health condition. HOW will be participating in the project in partnership with our schools in Northamptonshire.

How safe is it to have AV1 in a mainstream school?

Only one child or young adult can use AV1 at a time. The user creates a password to log on to AV1 and confirms that only they know the password. The student’s parents/guardians are required to sign a contract and confirm that only the child/young adult will be using the AV1. If a parent/guardian logs on to AV1, it’s a breach of contract.

AV1 can only be used in real-time, and it is not possible to record or save any data. All streamed data is thoroughly encrypted, and it is impossible for any external party to access the video/audio sent through a closed tunnel between the robot and their tablet/phone. To participate and interact, the user has to be present either in front of the robot or front of the tablet/phone. All data is sent encrypted between No Isolation’s servers. Consequently, neither No Isolation or anyone else can access the video and audio sent between the child and the robot.

What we know from small scale use of AV1

  • Pupil remains in touch with their friends
  • Pupil is enabled to access mainstream lessons
  • Attendance is not impacted by medical condition


Check out the article on the Daily Telegraph site: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2019/02/15/robot-helps-prevent-loneliness-seriously-children/

How Sam uses his AV1 to attend school: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/education-47240463/the-robot-helping-a-seven-year-old-boy-go-to-school

How can a robot help mental health? Podcast of Cath Kitchen and Zoe talking about the project, recorded by on behalf of the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health 


The below documentation is for completion in relation to the AV1 robot hire from our service. There are 5 documents, however they are relatively simple to complete and most just need just a signature. 

  1. Contract for use of AV1 2023-2024 – This is the SLA to be signed by the Headteacher. 
  2. Conditions for support person to help pupil access AV1- to be signed by the adult supporting the student using AV1
  3. Contract for parent carer of pupil using AV1 -to be signed by the parent of the student using AV1
  4. Request for use of AV1 2023/24- This indicates the student user and the key contact people.
  5. Example letter for parents of children in the class- you can adapt this as required. It needs to be shared with the parents of the students in the class where the robot will be present. Please adapt and amend as necessary to your needs. 

Please also see the attached onboarding guide which may answer any questions you have.

Contract for use of AV1  2023 – 2024

Conditions for support person to help pupil access AV1

Contract for parent carer of pupil using AV1

Request for use of AV1 2023/2024

Example letter for parents of children in the class

Onboarding Guide


How can I find out more?

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