Hospital and Outreach Education (HOE) is an Alternative Provision Academy and is part of The Skylark Partnership. HOE provides educational support for children and young people with complex medical and/or mental health needs which prevent them from attending school full time.  It covers the whole of Northamptonshire and is organised structurally into three areas which cover the North and South of the county and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHs) Units respectively.

There are two teaching provisions at Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals and at three, Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHs) Units in Northampton. There are also two outreach teaching bases, one in Kettering and one in Northampton for HOE.

The HOE team is led by James Shryane and is made up of Qualified Teachers, Senior Learning Support Assistants, (SLSA) Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA), Family Liaison Workers (FLW) and a team of business support led by a School Business Manager. (SBM).  All staff are appropriately trained and employ a broad range of skills and engagement techniques to help children and young people recognise and celebrate their strengths, overcome their difficulties, cope with their medical/mental health condition, and re-engage with life-long learning.

We also work very closely with multi-agency colleagues from Health, CAMHS, other teams within the County Council and personal advisors from Prospects.

Pupils educated through HOE range in age from 4 to 18 years and may be from across the whole ability range.  Most are dual registered with their own mainstream or special school.

HOE provides direct teaching and support with reintegration back to school and/or support across the transition, as well as supporting school improvement by offering advice and guidance to schools on how particular medical and mental health conditions may impact on a pupil’s behaviour, attendance, achievement and attainment.

All pupils receive a personalised education programme, and have an individual learning plan to support their learning and medical/mental health needs.  Reviews are held with parents/carers and pupils, home school staff and multi-professional colleagues every 6 weeks to review the learning plan and plan ahead.

HOE support is rather like a ‘revolving door’.  Pupils are admitted for support, spend some time in the ‘revolving door’ then go out the other side back to school or post 16 provider when they are well enough.

Admission arrangements

Our admissions arrangements can be found in our Admissions Policy which can be found here 

Find out more about our team improvement from our self-evaluation plan which can be found here, and our team improvement plan here.

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As Hospital and Outreach Education AP Academy is a new academy and has not yet been inspected by Ofsted, the academy is officially of no designation in Oftsed terms, at this present time.

Performance tables

Pupil Referral Unit performance tables are not the same as schools and the national data sets only show results for pupils who were singly registered at an Alternative Provision: 95% of our pupils are dual registered, so this is not an accurate method of benchmarking for our settings.

HOE are part of a national benchmarking project for alternative provision, led by Eugene Brunet from Prisum, and use this data to benchmark against similar settings. This allows us to use our peer network for school improvement

Link to our GCSE Results for 2019-2020 can be found  Here.



Pupils, parents/carers, staff, management committee and other stakeholders were all consulted when agreeing our mission statement which sets out our vision:

 To provide access to personalised education and lifelong learning for pupils and young people with medical and mental health needs, accepting the whole child and providing hope to them and their family for an optimistic future, enabling them to make progress and achieve their full potential.’

We are committed to developing our provision in collaboration with our stakeholders and schools to ensure that we are able to meet the ever changing needs of those young people who have medical and/or mental health difficulties which make attending mainstream school a challenge.

Feedback from pupils, parents/carers, schools and other stakeholders is very positive.  Evaluation forms are distributed every 12 weeks as part of the reviewing process and summaries generated in the form of a report.  We specifically ask for areas for development and these are then included in our Team Improvement Plan

Due to the restrictions of the lockdown period, evaluations were not collated in the academic year 2019 – 2020. However you can see previous evaluation summaries here.

Links to previous evaluation summaries


Hospital and Outreach Education have a set core values which have been devised from discussions with pupils, with staff and other stakeholders. We ask our staff, local advisory board members, management committee, pupils, parents/carers and other visitors to adhere to these core values when working with us. Our core values are Resilience, respect, compassion. co-operation, hope, honesty and trust.

Hospital and Outreach Education gained the Values based Education Quality Mark in December 2019. You can see what the auditor said about our settings and how we demonstrate our values based approach in the report which can be found here:

 VbE Report

‘The staff all provide wonderful role models for the young people and yet provide challenge when needed to allow the pupils to be the best that they can be, for them. Everyone has their own personalised learning journey, and this is carefully managed and nurtured alongside parents and other professionals. This takes a lot of time to develop these trust relationships, but it is time well spent as the pupils are doing well to overcome their individual challenges.’

‘The atmosphere at Hospital and Outreach is that of ​a friendly, loving, non-judgemental and most importantly a happy environment. The school have worked exceptionally hard to raise the profile of Values and it is clear that you are walking around spaces where values underpin everything that they do. ‘

‘The school’s climate for learning is calm and purposeful; one that promotes quality teaching and learning’


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Generally, HOE does not attract pupil premium funding, as the majority of our pupils are dual subsidiary registered with their home schools and the funding goes to the home school. Within the service level agreement between HOE and the home school, HOE can ask the school for a proportion of the funding to support additional activities that cannot be funded by the academy e.g. sessions of equine therapy.

The exception to this is our post 16 places. The students are solely registered with HOE.
Last year, HOE attracted £234 of pupil premium funding and you can find the report * here.*

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium

– We currently do not have access to this funding.


PE and Sports premium for primary schools

– We currently do not have access to this funding.

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