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HOE is committed to helping you realise your full potential. We will help you to identify and develop the skills you need to live an independent and successful life, with employment that is meaningful to you. You will have the opportunity to learn about your own skills and how to develop them, the world of work and what employers look for when recruiting, and the next steps available to you.


Here are some ideas you can use to improve your chances of being employable when you leave school here are some ideas:


  • Teach yourself a programming language
  • Join a club
  • Play a sport, train hard,  join a team
  • Apply for student vacancies
  • Write a blog
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Audition for shows
  • Join the Army or Air Cadets
  • Help out in a charity shop
  • Get a paper round
  • Set up a mini-business (e.g. cleaning cars)
  • Help out in a lunchtime or after school club
  • Create a website
  • Apply for NCS (Years 11/12 only)
  • Organise a charity fundraiser
  • Play in a band
  • Do some DIY or fix your bike
  • Build with Lego


Here are some ideas to help you to begin thinking about the future.

Try asking yourself these questions:

What are you good at? 

What do you enjoy doing? 

What subjects are you good at (at school)?

What are you good at outside of school?

What are your interests?

What skills do you already have? 

What sort of a person are you?

Do you like interacting with people?

Where do you prefer to be (inside/outside)?

Use our useful links page to get more information, ideas and support.

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