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Preparation for the future is a vital part of the support that we provide to our students and your involvement in broadening their understanding of the world of work will enable them to make more informed decisions about their future.


Here are a few things that you can do:


Where possible, use your own experience of education, training and employment to illustrate the employability and life skills required for independent living.

Draw attention to specific skills, qualifications and careers as you deliver your subject.

Express the importance of confidence, creativity and communication skills that sit alongside qualifications. 

Use opportunities for visitors and virtual experiences to supplement your lessons.

We have a wealth of resources available to you for use in the classroom.



Has easy to explore information and resources to support your subject delivery.


The Careers and Enterprise Resource Directory draws together a number of easily accessible resources to use.


LMI for all provides up-to-date labour market information and classroom resources


The apprenticeship website Get My First Job, has information to support students intending to take this pathway.


Preparing for Adulthood is also a useful source of information


TES provides a great short course to support careers across the curriculum


Please discuss any ideas or concerns with Carmel Shortland or Adam Drake.

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