Careers Programme Overview

We follow a person-centred approach, working with the young person directly, families and outside agencies to ensure students have a voice and an appropriate level of control when making important decisions that will influence their future. Students complete a vocational profile to inform decisions in addition to receiving meaningful guidance from a level 6 trained careers guidance practitioner.  

We support the National careers strategy to actively prepare our young people in the best way that we can. As a school, we are working towards achieving 100% in all eight of the Gatsby benchmarks and work closely with supporting agencies such as SEMLEP and the Careers & Enterprise programme to do so.


Employability – work-related learning opportunities

Throughout their time at HOE, students have the opportunity to experience a number of career-related activities, in addition to the careers programme, which may look different dependent on the needs of the student and so, may vary from, work-related enterprise projects, classroom or virtual learning, off-site visits and school projects:


  • Visits from professionals
  • Each year we celebrate National Careers, Apprenticeship Week and Neurodiversity week. Along with other awareness days that vary year to year.
  • Linking of the curriculum to career pathways.
  • Interviews based on their CVs from our linked Enterprise Advisor.


All students and parents have access to our bespoke careers site CareerCompanion, which allows our students to independently look at labour market information, job adverts, and pathways for their future. This tool also allows parents to explore their options with the young person when they are not in school. This provides young people with accurate, impartial guidance to help support their future plans.


Career & Labour Market Information.

Careers information is promoted a number of different ways at HOE, including the CareerCompanion website, display boards, information postings and up-to-date information provided by the Careers Advisor and teachers. 


Staff training & development

The School’s Careers Leader is part of the careers network and actively updates staff with information and provides training where required. 


Monitoring, review and evaluation

We monitor our progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks and are currently undertaking revalidation for the Career Mark, an accreditation that recognises the quality of careers provision at HOE. 


Careers Programme

Our HOE careers programme outline is personalised to each individual, with the broad elements being as follows:

  • Employability and work-related learning sessions delivered weekly
  • Work experience – Internal and external, volunteering projects, job shadowing 
  • Inspiring the future – Employer and employee engagements – Internal and external including workplace tours and practical workshops
  • Employability skills development 
  • CV writing and interview skills
  • Vocational offsite placements for students
  • Rights, responsibilities and challenges in relation to work
  • The importance of work-life balance
  • Post 16 transition events.

Summary of Career Programme

The CDI framework and Gatsby Benchmarks guidance ensures that we cover the main areas of:


SELF DEVELOPMENT – Encouraging our students to understand themselves, their abilities and their passions.


CAREER EXPLORATION – To investigate opportunities for further learning and the world of work.


CAREER MANAGEMENT – To allow our students to develop employability and enterprise skills. To make and adjust plans to help manage with change and transition.


The Careers Programme offered by HOE aims to provide students with opportunities to develop their own visions of their future, understanding of their future opportunities and the self-esteem and empowerment to take the steps required. It is reviewed at least annually to ensure it remains relevant and incorporates feedback from all stakeholders.


We always aim to respond to the individual needs of our learners and provide them with meaningful, impartial information and advice. We actively promote equality and diversity values to ensure we support our students to progress and become happy and successful individuals that are able to contribute to society. 


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