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Hospital and Outreach Education’s  approach to the delivery of statutory requirement for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance




Hospital and Outreach Education is an Alternative Provision Academy for children and young people with medical and mental health needs who cannot attend school full time. As such they operate exactly like a ‘hospital school’ which are exempt from this statutory guidance. The DfE obviously recognises that in settings such as HOE it is not possible to meet all the requirements under the new guidance, given the transient nature of the pupils we work with, and the impact of their medical and mental health conditions on their ability to access education. Most of our pupils are also dual registered with their home schools, who have a joint responsibility for this area.

Our Careers Leader is Cath Kitchen who is the Headteacher, supported by the careers advisor, Carmel Shorthand (01604 662250) and a Careers Local Advisory Board member, Gary Telford, and a Careers Trustee, Graham Goss. Our Enterprise Advisor is Deborah Foster

Independent advice and guidance is secured through Prospects. This ensures that our pupils have access to other external sources of information on the full range of education and training options. We also have a bespoke website, Career Companion, which has details of local colleges, universities, apprenticeship vacancies, as well as information about different careers.

This document sets out what we are planning to do to meet as much of the requirement as possible as we recognise that this a recommended model of good practice.

Within HOE, we offer a programme of advice and guidance which is structured and stable and is delivered by appropriately qualified staff with the right skills and experience. However, this is only to pupils in year 11 which we educate in base, on outreach or within the Child and adolescent in-patient units. We do not offer it to pupils below year 11 as they are on reintegration programmes returning to their home schools. It is their home school’s responsibility to meet their requirement for quality careers education, advice and guidance.

HOE has completed the Compass assessment against The Gatsby Benchmarks to ensure that we are providing the best service we can to our pupils, and to challenge ourselves to improve our offer. It will also allow us to challenge schools to ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Our destination data for all of our pupils is published on our website. This includes pupils who have transitioned back to school, and those in KS4 who are moving onto employment, education or training. Last year, 94% of our KS4 pupils successfully moved onto appropriate destinations. This is one of our key performance indicators that we use to evaluate our curriculum.

At HOE, we recognise that good careers guidance is critical to our pupils because of their vulnerability, and their medical and /or mental health difficulties. Knowing what they want to do in the future helps to motivate and inspire them to complete their studies. Our careers programme is personalised to each pupil’s needs and helps widen their ideas about career opportunities, and raises their aspirations.

HOE Careers Policy 2020

HOE provider access policy statement 2020


Work related learning, Enterprise, Careers education, information, advice and guidance are very important to us at Hospital and Outreach Education (HOE). We have achieved our ‘Careers Mark’ award which demonstrates our commitment. 

We deliver discrete lessons for our students in our bases for Careers, through our Personal Development Programme, including PSHE.  We work closely with external agencies such as Prospects (used to be called Connexions). ALL of our students including our outreach cohort have one-to-one meetings to discuss their aspirations for the future and to put realistic action plans in place.

We are proud to be part of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) and are able to liaise with a wide range of businesses both in commerce and industry because of this joint venture. We can use their expertise to inspire and motivate students as they make their choices for Post 16 and the world of work. We encourage our teachers to include STEM in their planning and to invite motivational visitors to their lessons to inspire our students.

With a wealth of information and resources at our fingertips, we encourage the students to be proactive in researching jobs. The students really benefit from Employer engagement visitors, Alumni speakers and trips to colleges and ‘World of Work’ open days. We also work in partnership with mainstream schools to ensure that our students can attend the very best events in the county.

All of our students have the opportunity to take part in Work Experience which is coordinated according to their needs at HOE using the Connexions database of approved employers. Parents/Guardians will receive and invitation in due course to attend a Parent time session at their child’s home base for more information about the process. In addition to this we also host Post 16 Parent time sessions which explain about college places, apprenticeships and employment options. 



Hospital and Outreach Education has it’s own careers website for the pupils it supports, called CareerCompanion. Please ask your core teacher for log in details.

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 Are you an employer?

 Employer Engagement – Help us to help you

We know that employers in the Northamptonshire and the UK have concerns about skills gaps and the work-readiness of some young people.

Hospital and Outreach Education is a member of the SEMLEP Careers and Enterprise Network, part of the national Careers and Enterprise Company programme.  

Our aim is that through employer engagement at all ages, we ensure that young people leave our PRU with the skills, competencies, knowledge, appropriate qualifications and attitudes needed by employers for both their own career development and economic sustainability and growth.

We need your help

We are looking for passionate employers from businesses and other organisations to help our students and thus shape the future workforce and bring the world of work to life for the next generation.

The following high impact activities are used to work in partnership with businesses to help our students prepare for the world of work:

  • Employer Talks
  • Business site visits
  • Mentoring
  • Enterprise activities
  • Work experience and job shadowing
  • Mock interviews and CV preparation

If you can help with an engagement or for further information, contact Cath Kitchen at ckitchen@nhoe.org.uk

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